Perspective + Approach

I believe that we are, in part, the product of our history, and the lessons learned from that history influence our choices and actions today.

Sometimes we do this even though it may hurt us and those around us. The awesome thing is that, every day, we have a new opportunity to change our choices and actions so that we can make our lives better, healthier, and more satisfying. We often forget this wisdom; we forget that we have this power to change. 

I also believe we cannot be “fixed” from the outside by someone else. For example, picture someone you know who always seems to be in some kind of trouble, and they ask you for advice. You reflect on what you think might work, and give really good feedback. They might accept what you say and then go on and do exactly what they were doing before. What happened?! The answers that you gave were from your own wisdom, and not from within the person asking for help. The other person did not feel any real connection or ownership of your solutions, and so nothing changed. 


For me, therapy is similar to the scenario above. It is not effective, nor is it my place, to impose what I think are solutions for you. My solutions simply aren’t your solutions, and most likely will not be of benefit to you. Rather, I believe that you already have at least some idea of the answers and solutions you are looking for, though you may not realize it when you’re in the midst of suffering. As your therapist, it’s my job to be completely focused on you and help you reconnect, explore and develop your own innate wisdom and power – this is the main thrust of my therapeutic approach.


My therapeutic style is one that is active and engaging. By that I mean that I make it a point to interact with you by way of reflective listening, strategic inquiry, encouragement, and, when appropriate, by challenging beliefs and actions that are compromising and undermining to you. I have been told by others that I can cut though the “noise” and get to the heart of the matter, and I strive to do this in a way that is caring, non-judgmental, and with a good dose of humor when needed!


We only get to live, love and enjoy life for a finite time. It’s up to each of us to do what we can, and get the help we need when we struggle, to work toward our most authentic self, and strive for that cherished sense of empowered freedom we deserve. If I have piqued your interest and would like to get more information, give me a call or send me an email! We can set up a free consultation and see if there is an opportunity here for us to work together.