Hello, nice to meet you.

If you’re here, chances are you are looking to work with someone who will “walk the healing path” with you and help you overcome the challenges you are facing right now.

Sometimes, those challenges look like difficult or strained relationships, or pain and sorrow from past events that continue to haunt you today. Perhaps you feel that you’re “lacking” or “not enough” in some way – you are not where you want to be in your life, or you are not who you really want to be. You may be feeling angry, frustrated, anxious and afraid, depressed, or fundamentally disempowered. Frankly, you are sick and tired of feeling stuck and suffering … You want to get better, feel better, be better with yourself and others. You want to start your healing now. 


As your therapist, I provide a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic setting for you to explore what moves you to reach for healing and growth. This will allow you the opportunity to find, explore, and express the most authentic you. My objective is to work with you so that you may:

  1. Get clarity about your challenges, what brought them about and why they persist, and identify obstacles that may impede your healing
  2. Craft meaningful goals and objectives, and make appropriate decisions with conviction in order to …
  3. Actually effect the changes you want to see, so that you may finally …
  4. Progress toward fulfilling the wants, needs, goals and desires that originally motivated you to look for therapy, and to …
  5. Progress toward fulfilling any new or changing wants, needs, goals and desires that you may discover through the course of your work with me.

My overarching goal is that, as you make your way on your journey with me, you’ll get to know, love and comfortably embody your true self and experience richer relationships with others. Ultimately, it is my desire that you find the kind of empowered freedom you have been likely looking for -- a lofty goal for sure, but nonetheless a most worthy one.


If you are interested in learning more about therapy with me, give me a call or send me an email! I offer a free 15-minute in-person or phone consultation so that I can answer any questions you may have, discuss the issues you would like to address, and we can determine together if we are a mutual fit for this work.

New Clients Welcome!

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About Albert


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in San Jose. I have over 9 years of experience providing therapy to adults in individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy. I also provide clinical supervision to clinical trainees and interns working toward BBS licensure. I am affirming of sexual and gender diversity, and proud of it.